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We are based in the the village of Kirton, which is south of the market town of Boston in Lincolnshire, close to the main A16 Truck road.

Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Except Bank Holiday Mondays

Saturdays from 8.00am to 12.00pm by appointment only.


Yes we can.  We supply, from stock, a wide range of house packing materials,

Including boxes and sundries to help you pack your goods safely.

To keep our prices as low as possible, we stock a range of ‘once used’ recycled boxes.

These have been used in the commercial industry. They are strong and clean and of a high quality.

Brand new boxes can also be ordered at customer request.

We also stock sofa, chair and mattress covers and paper blankets.

We charge four weeks in advance.

Then we invoice every four weeks after the initial invoice.

Unless negotiated separately with us, e.g. for short terms periods of under four weeks.

To help keep our costs down so we can pass these savings onto you, we unfortunately do not accept Credit Cards as payment.

We do though accept cash, cleared cheque, debit card, standing orders and electronic payment.

Manor Road Storage caters for long term storage and for temporary storage as well.

With secure wooden storage crates housed in a large secure warehouse, your items will be kept safe and dry.

We also have large static metal storage containers, which can accommodate the garage, shed and other outdoor contents of a typical three bedroom house.

Our demountable storage containers which typically hold the contents of a four-bedroom house, can be delivered and loaded at your property.  They are then stored in our secure warehouse.  Where they remain untouched until re-delivery or moving day.

Our wooden storage crates are stored within our 12,000 square foot warehouse, so they remain secure and dry.

Our demountable storage containers are also stored within our warehouse.

Whereas our metal storage containers are stored outside within our secure storage compound.

Although our outside metal containers are lined, we would suggest that the items stored in these are things like bicycles, motorbikes, outdoor furniture, patio sets, lawnmowers, garden power tools, etc.

If you plan on storing indoor furniture, we suggest they are well wrapped to prevent any possible damp penetration.

All of your property is stored within our secure containers. Our wooden storage crates and demountable storage containers are also stored within in our lockable 12,000 square foot warehouse, which is also protected by 24 hour CCTV.

Our metal storage containers are stored outside in our fully secure compound that also has 24 hour CCTV.

Plus a tall metal spiked outer security fence and the container doors are secured with Bulldog heavy duty container locks, attack tested and approved by SCM.

We have four different sized containers to suit all your storage needs, whether short or long term.

View our handy storage size guide to see what we have available that will suite your needs.

Not at all.

We can move and store any item.  And in the past we have stored things like tractors, agricultural equipment, hot tubs, large safes, ship anchors, vintage motorcycles and cars, to name but a few.

So whatever ‘unusual’ item you may have, we can help.

Yes we most definitely can. We can also collect them from your premises and pack them properly.  Perhaps using our part packing service.

For antique or precious heirlooms, we ensure these are given extra special treatment to prevent any form of damage.

We have stored large grand pianos in the past and all of our staff are fully trained to take extra special care of these types of items.

We realise that some of these items have great sentimental value and are irreplaceable.  It is therefore imperative that these items are correctly packaged and marked up as being antiques or special items.

If you would like to pack antiques or items of sentimental value yourselves, we can advise on the best way of doing this.

Yes. Whilst your goods are stored on our property, they are insured against damage caused by our negligence, or flood damage for instance.

Please note that our insurance does not cover damage caused by you in either putting your contents in a container or removing any contents from a container.

Yes we can, and we can store cars too.

Yes we do. These are used to cover and protect your furniture from any knocks or bangs.

We also have mattress covers and sofa covers too.

We would always recommend using strong bags like garden or rubble sacks or strong refuse bags. You can use vacuum pack bags too.

We have big, strong clear bags that you can use, as these help to see the contents clearly.

Let us know if you need these at the time of booking.

We would always recommend wrapping larger pictures and mirrors in good quality bubble wrap,  Or ‘export wrap’ and then securing with strong packing tape.

If there are smaller pictures these may fit nicely in boxes, where you can fit more of them in there.

You should still use bubble wrap between each picture to prevent scratches or damage.

We also have ‘picture’ bags which are designed to safely carry pictures and mirrors, usually with 8 compartments in each bag.

We have garment carriers that we can loan to you if you are using us for your removals.

These will help to protect your clothes from damage or creases.

We most certainly do and have created a moving house checklist as well.

We also have some videos on our YouTube channel that show some of our packing tips.