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Self Storage Boston Lincolnshire

Self Storage Boston Lincolnshire

Self Storage Boston Lincolnshire Overview

Why do you need self storage Boston Lincolnshire and why has it become so popular lately?

In the current economic climate most of us are looking for ways to save money wherever we can, and whilst paying for something else might seem like an odd way to do this, having storage is something that is helping people with this issue. 

With the rapid increase in household bills many people have been looking to downsize their properties in order to keep bills at a manageable level. 

For some this will be a permanent change, but for others it is a temporary measure as a reaction to the current economic climate. 

Either way, this downsizing can mean that people have more belongings than they are able to comfortably fit into their new property and whilst selling or donating is a popular choice, many people are loathe to get rid of things before they are certain that they will no longer want them. 

Having storage is a way that people can downsize their properties without having to feel as though they need to permanently get rid of a portion of their belongings.

Many people have also been choosing to move into newer, more energy efficient properties, also in an attempt to combat the rising energy costs. 

Whilst these new builds hold far better EPC ratings than older properties, they often lack in storage spaces. 

With the pressure on the housing market developers are keen to get as many houses into the space they have available to them as possible, and this can mean making some sacrifices. 

Often the first things to be removed are garages, garden space where perhaps a shed could be placed and internal storage cupboards. 

Whilst this benefits the developers and means that they are able to build more properties it often leads homeowners in a position of not having enough space to store many of their items.  This has meant that people have had to find alternative places to store items that would often have been placed in one of these locations.

Why do I need self storage Boston Lincolnshire?

There can be many reasons why having self storage Boston Lincolnshire could be of benefit to you, some of which we have touched upon when looking at why it has become so popular, but there can be many more reasons why it might be worth looking into. For example;

  • Keep the home clutter free.
  • Great for storing seasonal items.
  • Keep your garden furniture in pristine condition by storing it during the winter months.
  • Free up some space by storing those Christmas or Halloween decorations when they’re not needed.
  • Got a hobby that has equipment taking up a lot of space?  Keep it in storage instead.
  • If you’re moving home and are looking at trying to keep the costs down by doing the move yourself, then placing things into storage temporarily can allow you to spread this out over a period of time.
  • If your property needs some work doing to it, then it can be easier to place some items into storage to give you the space required, rather than tripping over boxes and constantly moving things from one place to another.  The same would apply if you are having any renovation work carried out.
  • Downsizing and not quite sure what furniture to take?  Make use of some temporary storage until you can get into the new property and see what fits.
  • Can be ideal for storing items during a gap year or even just during the summer whilst you are at university.
  • Can be used to store larger items such as motorbikes, classic cars or other such vehicles that you may not have suitable space for at home.

The benefits of using us for self storage Boston Lincolnshire

There are many reasons for choosing Manor Road Storage and Contain Yourself Ltd for self storage Boston Lincolnshire including;

  • No fixed length contracts. Choose storage from as little as one day.
  • Different storage options to suit your budget and individual requirements thanks to our wooden storage crates or outdoor metal containers.
  • Trusted by hundreds of customers to keep their contents secure and dry.
  • 24/7/365 CCTV and lockable storage compund surrounded by secuirty fencing.
  • Lockable outside storage containers
  • Use of ‘Pest Force’ to carry out regular checks for vermin
  • Our outdoor metal storage containers are lined with a Grafo-Therm coating to prevent condensation and corrosion, which helps to ensure that your belongings are well protected when stored with us. 

For any further information on our solutions for self storage Boston Lincolnshire, or for a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us.